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Frequuently asked questions
MetaBody creates a new lifestyle for each individual by adapting to its way of life for the client to not feel like they are dieting but rather becoming a better version of themselves through advice from specialized trainers ready to help and support you at any time. We understand the struggle of becoming a healthier you and we believe that together we can build a community of accomplished people.

We ask you to review the diet so we can change it depending on what problems occur.
Keeping a 30-day diet that doesn’t suit you is not ok.

Between 45-90 minutes, depending on each clients stamina and goals.

Starting with the first 2 weeks.
That is the definition of the 24/7 service.

The test is done once a month to identify increases or decreases in metabolism. But it is optional nowadays, we have a very large database, we now know how the metabolism changes.

Yes, MetaBody personalizes diets to suit each client based on their preferences.

Yes, the Inspire and LifeStyle Package offers online coaching.

Nutritional Package

Per Month
  • Per 3 months – 335 Euro
  • Per 6 months – 536 Euro
  • Per 12 months – 849 Euro

The package includes – Personalized nutrition program based on age, weight, daily activity (hours of work, hours of sleep etc.), pathologies. The nutrition program is reviewed in the first weekend of the first month and then at the end of every month of the program.

Inspire Package

Per Month
  • Per 3 months – 549 Euro
  • Per 6 months – 879 Euro
  • Per 12 months – 1399 Euro

This package is made up by 50% LyfeStyle package and 50% Nutritional package of the time frame that it is bought.
Example ( 6 months = 3 months of Lifestyle package with 3 months of Nutritional Package )

LifeStyle Package

Per Month
  • Per 3 months – 695 Euro
  • Per 6 months – 1099 Euro
  • Per 12 months – 1749 Euro

It contains all the Nutritional Package perks + 24/7 nutrition advices on whatsapp/email ( like sudden changes in the menu,
ex: a party, a wedding, a night out, a dinner at the restaurant ), video support and advices for gym training.

What Client Says?

Alex Costache

December 15, 2022

I believe that together with the Metabody team I have started a new life. I can’t say I’m a different man, but I’m me again. Besides the way the nutritionists think about the menus and the accuracy with which they indicate the machines, I think the 3rd key factor is the way I was challenged and supported.

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