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a vast experience with different types of lifestyles and metabolisms studied in the most clinical ways.

MetaxBody an exclusive concept through the services offered,  we will help you reach your goals in a carefully monitored and most importantly HEALTHY way.


What Clients Say?

nicu beforeNicu after
nicu beforeNicu after brat


ex-client, actual Master trainer

I am here to train you all!



Our Client

It has been more than 7 years since I saw those shapes on me again. I lost 8 kilograms in 2 months. 

melinda lateral anteriormelinda lateral posterior
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Emi 1 beforeEmi after 1
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-10 at 18.08.19Emi after 2


Our client

In 6 months this guys changed my life completely. 



Our Client

In less than 3 months I lost over 10 kg with dr. Gabriel Neacsu, it is an amazing progress, I have been on trips and he have always been in touch with me, helping me choosing the best option as a meal. Best service in this field.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-15 at 11.51.50WhatsApp Image 2022-12-15 at 11.51.50 (4)
WhatsApp Image 2022-12-15 at 11.51.49 (4)veri florys after
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WhatsApp Image 2022-12-16 at 19.23.30 (1)WhatsApp Image 2022-12-16 at 19.23.30


Our Client

Wow, didn’t expect to loose 8 kilos in 4 months so easy, without hunger issues.



Our Client

,, In 3 months I lost 16 kilograms, what do you say about that?’

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robRobert after
rob2WhatsApp Image 2023-01-02 at 03.04.43
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Our Client

15 kilos in 3 months, I can achieve anything from now on, after I battled hunger and won.



Our Client

I have lost 23 kilograms in 5 months, it was hard, my old bad habbits were constantly knocking on my door, but I am so glad I choosed Metaxbody and not some chirurgical interventions. I am looking forward for the next step.

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Dr. Gabriel before 3WhatsApp Image 2022-12-17 at 14.06.25 (3)
Dr. Gabriel before 2Dr. Gabriel After
Dr. Gabriel beforeWhatsApp Image 2022-12-17 at 14.06.25

Dr. Gabriel Neacsu

His own Client

I am thankful that I have chosen this path, I went down  from 125 kilograms to 85 kilograms in less than 10 months. 





8 Years Experience.

Our nutrition programs are not just weight loss programs. We offer you a complete approach that integrates the medical aspects with the nutritional ones and with the behavioral changes necessary to support the change. 

Making hundreds of Testings with My Equipments on clients and corelating them with their other documents (Pathologies, Blood analyses), I created an online form that once completed, I can understand how my remote clients body work, without using those equipments.



Gabriel Neacsu

Gabriel Neacsu is a medical doctor also specialized as an accredited Nutrition Technician and a Dietitian. As of 2023 doctor Gabriel Neacsu is a member of American Society for Nutrition (ASN).

My Personal Experience

“I’ve been throught this battle and tried all the “miracle diets” and advices of the internet. This motivated me to help those are going through the same struggle.”

I Went From 125 Kg To 78 Kg In Less Than 8 Months 

How Did I Do It? 

After 6 years of medicine I came to understand the human metabolism. Through ambition, sport and a balanced lifestyle I managed to change my body and my life.

I created Metaxbody after my long journey. Metaxbody is about finding the power to change your lifestyle. A self-discovery process to break the limits and become unstoppable.


For corporate offers and largers groups send an email to
restaurants and food manufacturers should send an email to the address bellow to access the service for creating tables with nutritional values ​​for each product/recipe
Ever tired of being on a diet and don't know what to eat at a party or a restaurant? or wanted an advice, a negociation of your own diet. Choose the lifeStyle package and we will be there for you to guide you!

Fitness Programs


The largest selection fitness articles exercises workouts, supplements, & community to help you reach your goals!

Weight Lifting

The largest selection fitness articles exercises workouts, supplements, & community to help you reach your goals!

Classic Yoga

The largest selection fitness articles exercises workouts, supplements, & community to help you reach your goals!

Sophisticated Knowledge Using High End LabTech For Testing Individual Metabolisms

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Nutritional Package

Per Month
  • Per 3 months – 335 Euro
  • Per 6 months – 536 Euro
  • Per 12 months – 849 Euro

The package includes – Personalized nutrition program based on age, weight, daily activity (hours of work, hours of sleep etc.), pathologies. The nutrition program is reviewed in the first weekend of the first month and then at the end of every month of the program.

Inspire Package

Per Month
  • Per 3 months – 549 Euro
  • Per 6 months – 879 Euro
  • Per 12 months – 1399 Euro

This package is made up by 50% LyfeStyle package and 50% Nutritional package of the time frame that it is bought.
Example ( 6 months = 3 months of Lifestyle package with 3 months of Nutritional Package )

LifeStyle Package

Per Month
  • Per 3 months – 695 Euro
  • Per 6 months – 1099 Euro
  • Per 12 months – 1749 Euro

It contains all the Nutritional Package perks + 24/7 nutrition advices on whatsapp/email ( like sudden changes in the menu,
ex: a party, a wedding, a night out, a dinner at the restaurant ), video support and advices for gym training.

Why Choose Us to Change your lifestyle?

The Inspire Package Or The Lifestyle Package With The MetaBody Team Will Bring You The Much-Dreamed-Of Transformation, No Matter Where You Are. You Will Receive Personalized Nutrition And Training Plans And Stay In Constant Contact With Them. They Will Give You Advice And Answers And Advise You On How To Overcome Any Obstacle To Achieving Your Goal.

Why Choose Us to Join Our Community?

Our goal is to implement a lifestyle so that results manifest over the long term. The coach you will work with will be with you 24/7 and will give you advice and recommendations to make the right choice, so that your journey to change is a professional one. If you want to train at specific times, have a flexible program and a 100% personalized training combined with nutrition proposed by certified people, MetaBody is the solution.

Want Perfect Body Shape

The largest selection fitness articles exercises workouts, supplements, & community to help you reach your goals!

The largest selection fitness articles exercises workouts, supplements, & community to help you reach your goals!