What do we do with sport and nutrition in the pandemic?

In case of quarantine and closing of gymnasiums:

24/7 nutritional consultation is done on Whatsapp and the Tanita and Pnoe equipment are portable, we can travel to your home for an assessment even if we are in an emergency and the quarantine does not allow us to leave the house. 75% of sports can also be done at home. Moreover, products can be purchased from sports specific stores. Our team will provide you with 24/7 sports advice so that you don’t miss training in the gyms.

The most important hormone that will be the pawn of changes is Growth Hormone.

Growth hormone stimulates:

  • Growth of most tissues in the body.
  • It boosts the rate of protein synthesis in most cells in the body. Which leads to muscle growth, regeneration of all tissues in the body.

  • Stimulating the mobilization of fatty acids from adipose tissue, increasing blood levels of fatty acids and enhancing the use of fatty acids for energy.

  • Decreased rate of glucose utilization throughout the body. Thus, growth hormone increases protein synthesis, reduces lipid deposits and conserves carbohydrates.

Basically, Growth Hormone is a kind of “Fountain of Youth” or a miracle medicine for any disease.

It is essential not to lose sight of the proposed objective, to have as a basis solutions and not excuses, and with the right guidance, regardless of whether it is a pandemic or not, we maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that the information provided is useful to you and don’t forget: anything that can be solved with an action is not a problem!

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