Loss of weight vs fat loss!

When we talk about weight loss and fat loss, we’re talking about fat loss, because certainly no one wants to lose muscle mass. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue – it’s where fat is burned. Muscles also shape the body. Therefore, when women talk about toning or body shaping, they are actually talking about muscles. Anyone who says otherwise either doesn’t have human psychology in mind or is someone making false promises to get you to spend your money.

When it comes to losing fat, we clearly state that the ratio between the calories you consume and the calories you burn in a day is the most important factor that determines weight loss.

Below we leave a comparison that will clarify the difference between: Weight loss vs fat loss

  1. Weight loss

68 kg – 35% body fat

  • Obsessed with calorie restriction
  • Tons of cardio
  • Follows a demanding diet; with low amounts of protein and carbohydrates

End up losing muscle definition and can become what is called “skinny-fat”

  1. Loss of adipose tissue

68 kg – 20% body fat

  • Focused on getting stronger
  • Approach to resistance training
  • Diet based on large amounts of protein and body nutrition.

Build muscle, look toned and strong.

As a bottom line, remember that it’s important to remember that just because you need to create a caloric deficit, it doesn’t mean you’re going to starve yourself or go on a very low-calorie diet.

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